Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are these wholesale prices mentioned on this website?

    No! these are retail prices which are mentioned on this website.

  2. Where can I get wholesale prices for bulk imports?

    Please email us at [email protected] for wholesale quotations.

  1. How do you pack the product?

    Each product has its own packing, additionally we include heavy corrugated box for international order which is followed by styro foam sheets to make the items more secure during transit.

  1. How do you accept payments?

    At the moment we accept payments via Western Union Or Money Gram.

  2. Do you accept Paypal?

    No! but we will soon start accepting payments via Paypal.

  1. Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes! We ship worldwide.

  2. How long does it takes to process the order?

    All orders process and ship to their locations within 24 hours.

  3. How long does it takes to deliver the order?

    Usually it takes 5- 7 working days to deliver the order worldwide.

  4. Do you ship bulk orders?

    Yes! As we mentioned in our profile's "About Us" section we are direct manufacturer & supplier of the products which are displayed on this website so we are fully equipped to ship the bulk consignments worldwide.

  5. How do you ship bulk consignments?

    We ship bulk order via sea freight.

  6. Do you charge for shipping?

    FREE SHIPPING* worldwide on all items which are displayed on this website.