Black Marble & Marina Natural Stone Chess Board

12x12 inch
16x16 inch
Product Code: UHVH1901
Brand: Cantaloupe
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This is a great chess set that will add sparkle to your home and office. Its has super shiny playing surface, which is very finely polished, will give you an indescribable serenity and satisfaction during the game of chess and will always make you realize that buying this magnificent chess set is the best decision of your life.

This set of chess is available in Leatherette Box, Velvet Box and Styrofoam Box.

Each set of marble chess can be different due to natural variation.

Specifications of Black Marble & Marina Natural Stone Chess Board

Product Code WVTE3757
Board Size (Inch) / (cm) L x W x T 12x12x0.5 inch / 30x30x1.27 cm
Board Size (Inch) / (cm) L x W x T 16x16x0.5 inch / 40x40x1.27 cm
Square Stone / Color 1 Black Zebra Marble
Square Stone / Color 2 White Marble
Border Stone / Color Black Zebra Marble
Felt Black Velvet
Storage Leatherette Storage Box / Velvet Storage Box